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Easy Data Driven Customer Intelligence

Diggen is a marketing integration platform to help marketers optimize performance metrics with data driven marketing programs.

  1. Data driven marketing is no longer optional (19% bottom line increase)
  2. Most (66%) businesses have yet to leverage it
  3. Their challenges are limited budget, bandwidth, and know how

More companies are adopting data driven as it is proven to grow business by improving marketing metrics and thereby increasing revenue on average 19%. It is a $1.6 billion U.S. market opportunity, which is growing 17% annually. Despite the importance and quick growth of the market, every marketer experiences the same common barriers: insufficient tools, limited budget, and bandwidth issues. This makes becoming data driven close to impossible.

Diggen is the simple solution to become data driven in marketing. Easy access to actionable data driven features available in your existing tools, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Email Service Provider, and Marketing Automation.

A typical use case for marketers is viewing demographic data visualization graphs within their CRM. This provides precise insight about their audience, but also access to a data subscription for segmenting email campaigns and delivering more relevant content. For example use gender to deliver separate email templates to men and women, including graphics, messaging, and product offerings.

Diggen is a marketing technology company based in San Diego, California. Their middleware is the connection point between a variety of marketing data sources and popular marketing tools. As a data agnostic platform, Diggen bridges the gap between marketing data and marketing tools for all businesses to understand their user base and target them on an individual level.

Whatever the source of marketing data, Diggen's horizontal integration eliminates the technical and cost challenges that prevent marketers from leveraging personalized marketing messaging to engage their target audience. Diggen is your one stop shop for marketing data.

Diggen is a team of experienced professionals in business development and software development. We are proud to focus just as much on our employees as our customers. Our core values:

  1. Creative: embrace challenges and problem solving to find new opportunities
  2. Empower: instill ownership and entrepreneurial mentality
  3. Lean: stay nimble by experimenting, learning, and adapting
  4. Execute: promise and make sure to deliver
  5. Scale: standard product and services acceletate growth
  6. Vision: think strategically about long term aspiration
  7. Transparent: communication is core in and out of office
  8. Fun: love what you do and enjoy the moment
  9. People: are number one, including employees, partners, customers

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Gain immediate access to an ocean of comprehensive marketing data.

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Connect into your software stack without one line of code.

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Boost your metrics through targeted and data driven segmentation.

Fabrice Gould
Founder & CEO